When it comes to blockchain, the thing people talk about most — the price — is actually the least interesting part. Crypto conversations are too often about who’s up and who’s down, what to buy and what to sell, and today’s drama on Twitter. Most conversations about crypto miss how it’s going to change ... everything. On VALIDATED, we’ll be talking to the people who are rethinking the internet — and our world. No hype cycles. No financial advice. Just conversations on the biggest ideas shaping the future of the internet. Web3 is complicated, but never boring.

Recent Episodes

Building web3 Login Your Grandma Can Use w/ Itai Turbahn (Dynamic)

In this episode, Austin chats with Itai Turbahn (Dyanmic) about the future of web3 onboarding. Dynamic is building web3 authentication that allows crypto-enabled companies to seamlessly serve web3 natives and crypto novices alike ...

| 40:07

Parallelizing the EVM on Solana w/ Andrey Falaleyev (Neon)

In this episode, Austin chats with Andrey Falaleyev, CTO of Neon, an EVM that lets devs build and deploy dApps from EVM chains to Solana, all while maintaining compatibility with the EVM opcode set. Andrey discusses Neon's ...

| 38:40

Does DEX Liquidity Need a Defense Layer? w/ Nitesh Nath (DFlow)

In this episode, Austin chats with Nitesh Nath of DFlow, a protocol that protects DEX liquidity against toxic order flows on Solana. According to Nitesh, users of DFlow will gain benefits such as tighter spreads, lower volatility, and ...

| 40:24

What's Behind the Move Movement? w/ Rushi Manche (Movement Labs)

In this episode, Austin chats with Rushi Manche (Movement Labs) about bringing the Move programming language to Solana and other blockchains. They discuss some of the hype behind Move, such as its "built-in" security, and the inherent ...

| 38:53

Why Does Mexico Want to Tokenize Its Treasuries? w/ David Taylor (Etherfuse)

In this episode, Austin talks with David Taylor (Etherfuse) about tokenizing Mexican bonds and equities. By bringing these assets onchain, Etherfuse is drastically reducing global barriers to entry in emerging markets. David discusses ...

| 42:24