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Developer Educator Program: Cultivating the next generation of Solana builders

by Jacob Creech

Developer Educator Program: Cultivating the next generation of Solana builders

Over the last year, the developer relations team at the Solana Foundation has been running workshops around the world to help teach students, professionals, and the next generation of Solana builders about Solana. The goals of the workshops are to:

  • Help attendees learn about the Solana blockchain;
  • Convey how the Solana blockchain can be used;
  • Teach them how to build on Solana.

The impact of the workshops is constrained by the number of developer team educators. We’d like to change that — by decentralizing it.

The Solana Foundation Developer Relations team is hosting sessions on how to conduct Solana workshops the week of Aug. 14. These sessions will cover everything from setup and gathering students to hosting the sessions and cultivating a long-running community. We’ll show you how to navigate teaching both a physical and virtual workshop, managing different skill levels, and preparing to deliver the best presentation possible. 

Whether you are a new developer on Solana, a student going back to school, or a seasoned professional looking to sharpen your presentation skills, you can help teach the next wave of developers.

Not only will you be helping the greater Solana community, but you can also earn while doing so. Earn up to $250 hosting a workshop in your area — perfect for hosting a pizza party at your school’s local blockchain club or a lunch-n-learn at your place of employment. 

Join the Solana Developer Educator sessions on August 14th, 16th, and 17th and let’s scale education through workshops.

Interested in seeing what these workshops are all about? Find videos of the workshops on Github and check out the tug-of-war workshop which is particularly fun and engaging!

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