Get Ready for the Next Solana Foundation Hackathon in March

by Solana Foundation

Get Ready for the Next Solana Foundation Hackathon in March

Builders, get ready — in 2024, the Solana community is leading the way. A number of ecosystem teams are hosting hackathons, events and meetups, learning programs, and cultivating Solana communities around the world.

The Next Solana Foundation Hackathon, Powered by Colosseum

Solana hackathons are among the best opportunities for builders and founders to bootstrap their projects onto Solana. With high visibility and multiple prize tracks, as well as interest from the venture capital community, hackathons focused on the Solana ecosystem have become increasingly popular. The most recent Solana Foundation hackathon, Hyperdrive, broke records with more than 900 submissions from 7,000 participants around the world.

This upcoming Solana Foundation hackathon will be run by Colosseum, a new, independent organization dedicated to running online builder events in the Solana ecosystem, as well as supporting hackathon winners through an accelerator and venture fund. The next Solana Foundation hackathon (theme to be revealed soon!) will start on March 4, 2024, and will end five weeks later on April 8, 2024. While teams that have started within two months of the start of the hackathon are eligible, only the work produced during the hackathon itself will be judged. Sign up at

Participants can expect a similar format as previous Solana Foundation hackathons — a kickoff, submission period, and winners across multiple tracks — with a few key differences. As a third party, Colosseum will be hosting an online event platform to facilitate hackathon processes such as cofounder matching and project submission. Colosseum will also be managing the judging process. Learn more about Colosseum and its platform here.

Find out the latest about the next Solana Foundation hackathon by signing up here. Get your teams ready – soon, it’ll be time to build!

Learn more about previous hackathons.

Upcoming Community-led Events

Beyond Solana Foundation Hackathons, the Solana community is increasingly showing its strength, sharing knowledge, and onboarding the next generation of builders.

mtnDAO v5 is kicking up in Salt Lake City, Utah on Feb. 1, 2024. The monthlong hacker house and build session will host interactive workshops, coding sessions, networking, and more — all focused on building on Solana. Apply here.

In-person meetups are popping up all over the world. Solana Allstars, a Solana community group powered by Step Finance, is hosting Solana community events in Turkey and Nigeria – two areas where users are increasingly interested what is being built on Solana. Additionally, Step Finance is hosting Solana Crossroads, a community-powered conference in Istanbul on May 10-11, 2024. 

LamportDAO recently announced Solana Scribes, a virtual hackathon for writers and marketers. Aimed at helping writers learn more about the Solana ecosystem, writers can submit research, explainers, overviews, and more about the Solana ecosystem. Solana Scribes kicks off in February. Learn more here.

Superteam continues to host events — both in-person and online — in regions around the world. Superteams have started in nations including India, Vietnam, Germany, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Mexico. See the calendar here.

Smaller community groups in Toronto, Pittsburgh, Barcelona, and Pereira are setting up everything from happy hours to learning sessions. Whether you’re new to the ecosystem or someone who wants to share their knowledge, there is a way to participate in the Solana community. You can see all upcoming events here.

Have an event coming up? Get it listed on by adding to this calendar.

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