Digital assets

Native support for the next generation of digital assets.

Digital assets are a key component of blockchain technology. Anytime something is created or minted on the blockchain, it results in a digital asset.

Digital assets that exist on Solana

Token extensions

Built in collaboration with large institutions, token extensions unlock rich native functionality designed for complex behaviors, without compromising on security or scalability.


Non-fungible tokens are unique, unchangeable assets that are stored within the ledger. While in popular culture NFTs are associated with images, in reality an NFT can be anything. Innovations in the Solana ecosystem such as compressed NFTs and executable NFTs are pushing NFTs in new, exciting directions.

Fungible tokens

In contrast to its non-fungible counterpart, fungible tokens represent a token that can be swapped out and replaced with another of the same asset. Fungible tokens are useful for storing value, instead of a unique item.

Real-world assets

Specifically designed for real estate (but applicable to other applications), this standard is poised to catalyze transparency, accessibility and efficiency in real-world asset transactions. Unlock new possibilities for both consumers and institutions, advancing the DeFi space and paving the way for increased global market share.

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