Financial Infrastructure

Upgrade your financial infrastructure—and drive market adoption

Enable instant consensus and real-time settlement for your global financial transactions. Solana’s architecture is designed to handle a massive volume of transactions and process a remarkable number of transactions concurrently.

A suite of tools to power efficient financial infrastructure

A growing number of DeFi projects and traditional financial firms are building applications on Solana.

Real-world assets

Smart contract-enabled price discovery

Innovations that leverage code — such as automatic market makers (AMMs) like Raydium and central limit order books (CLOBs) like OpenBook — are similar to the mechanisms of traditional finance, but are fully decentralized and permissionless. Raydium's AMM interacts with OpenBook's CLOB, letting users automatically and transparently match their orders with one another.

Peer-to-peer lending

Unlike traditional lending, lending on Solana is managed by smart contracts. There are a number of peer-to-peer lending protocols within the Solana ecosystem.

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