Games Tooling

The Games Toolkit on Solana

Create a world where players can play and own, enabling new onchain economies. True digital ownership is changing the dynamics of video games. Players can play and own by building their own digital assets and features. Solana’s scalability makes the massive, player-powered digital economies of future games possible, today.

A suite of tools to enable scalable blockchain games

GameShift, by Solana Labs

Compiled by Solana Labs, GameShift is a unified blockchain game development API aimed at alleviating major pain points games publishers experience when developing or porting games into web3.

xNFTs, by Coral

Run games and programs directly from a compatible wallet. Executable NFTs, or xNFTs, from Coral, allows businesses to create game experiences beyond the traditional web stack.


SFTs, or semi-fungible tokens, are commonly used in blockchain games. They start out as fungible before becoming non-fungible after being used.

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