Solana Permissioned Environments

The power of Solana — customized for your business.

Solana is an open source global state machine that is built for enterprise scale. Solana Permissioned Environments, or SPEs, bring a private Solana Virtual Machine to businesses with custom requirements — creating a dedicated environment that uses the Solana protocol’s unparalleled tech.

Permissioned chains for large-scale enterprises.

Control your environment

Build a Solana environment for your custom requirements — whether needing to geofence nodes, maintain ultimate authority in a network, or keep an instance private for security and compliance.

Tooling for enterprises

The Solana ecosystem is home to a number of native tools that are available out-of-the-box. Save costs by using state compression, solidity language support through Solang, or programmatic bridging across chains.

Built for scale

SPEs can have all the advantages of the Solana protocol’s best-in-industry tech — high throughput, parallelization, fast settlement time, affordable fees, and low environmental impact.

More features with token extensions

Token extensions, the new token standard for the Solana protocol, enable Get native support for enterprise features — without third party tooling. Enable permanent delegation, native metadata, stablecoin tooling, and more.

Learn from Solana Developers

Solana Permissioned Environments are a new solution for businesses using Solana.

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