Are Wallets Entering the 'Browser Wars' Era? - Ep 75

| 29:34 | E75

Episode Summary

In this live panel from Breakpoint 2022, Sarah Kopit (The Block) explores the similarities and differences between the browser wars of the 1990's and the crypto wallet market today. Panelists include Brian Friel (Phantom),Filip Dragoslavic (Solflare), Maximillian Von Wallenberg (Ultimate), and Victor Pontis (Glow).

Episode Notes

0:00 Intro

0:50 Intro to panelists and overview of the browser wars 

2:25 How do lessons from the browser wars apply to the wallet market? 

3:12 Differences between browsers and wallets 

6:00 The roles of wallets in the crypto ecosystem 

10:50 Will there be one wallet to rule them all? 

16:04 How the dominant mobile platforms will impact wallets

18:55 Lessons from Web 2 applicable to Web3 projects

25:25 What the future of wallets looks like

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