Can Blockchain Fix Carbon Markets? - Ep #73

| 35:25 | E73

Episode Summary

Matthew Stotts (Cerulean Ventures) and Brendan O'Connell (Patch) explore how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the historical inefficiencies of carbon markets.This episode is part of a 3-part series that examines the climate crisis and the role that web3 communities might play in providing solutions.

Episode Notes

0:00 Overview of Carbon Markets and Crypto

2:45 Intro to Brendan and Patch

4:02 Intro to Matthew and Cerulean

6:05 What is a carbon credit?

7:25 Who are carbon credits for?

9:00 Voluntary/compliance market recap

10:40 Innovation in the voluntary carbon market

12:00 Why are carbon credits so hard to acquire?

13:34 Inefficiencies in the current OTC markets

14:17 Examples of carbon credit projects

15:15 Why do carbon credit prices vary so widely?

17:00 More on inefficiencies in the current voluntary markets

19:50 How blockchain will impact the supply side of the carbon market

21:35 Are corporate buyers interested in crypto carbon credits?

23:18 Carbon market scams

26:06 Profit margins in the carbon market

32:50 More on how blockchain will impact carbon credit supply

34:36 Closing remarks

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