The Case for Tokenized Carbon - Ep 74

| 33:38 | E74

Episode Summary

Is tokenized carbon a massive business opportunity? In the final episode of our series on climate change, Ethan Daly and Emma Sokoloff explain Shine Capital's ReFi investment thesis and elucidate the broader ReFi market.

Episode Notes

0:00 Overview of ReFi

3:13 Intro to Emma, Ethan, and Shine Capital

4:37 Why Shine sees ReFi as a sound business investment 

7:10 Overview of how traditional carbon markets work

8:03 Breakdown of pricing in current carbon markets 

12:09 Shine’s thesis on how increased demand will impact carbon credit prices

12:51 Where increased demand will come from

13:53 More on how increased demand will impact carbon credit prices

15:13 More on Shine’s confidence in ReFi’s economic viability

17:57 Recap of discussion thus far

19:28 Speculations on the growth trajectory for carbon markets

22:35 ReFi market map

23:48 Current systems of MRV and why they’re inefficient 

25:28 How crypto can innovate traditional MRV

28:02 Opportunities for entrepreneurs in the ReFi space

31:25 Closing remarks 

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