Disco Protocol

Disco Protocol

Project Description

I'm a professional bartender and I have my share of time in the events industry. After learning about the blockchain, many ideas arose in my mind. The events industry might not be DeFi or a P2E but it can surely benefit from new ways. There are huge opportunities, ranging from ticket deals to on-site sales with crypto, including tokenized products, and contactless payment with near instant settlements. Also, making fraud resistant tickets by using tokenized ones in combination with wallet-based check-in is possible. This is what we’re aiming for. Disco Protocol is a suite of tools that decentralize the way events are managed. We’re making events funky using Solana. The protocol enables contactless transactions inside the event (using any NFC-integrated device). There’s also a board for clients to easily navigate through events, create new ones, buy tickets, and visualize all the info about the event. Our program is written using Anchor Framework. There’s a POS Android Native app that enables check-ins, recharges, and purchases (see it on our promo video). Both the program and website are deployed and accessible. Currently, there’s another Android Native app that works as a wallet. We needed Solana Pay’s Request Link feature but temporarily created this app that implements a simplified version: once the Request Link is released and implemented this app is no longer needed. The POS and wallet app are under revision from the App Store but the APKs are accessible. The community is key for our team. Thanks to them we made it this far and that’s why they’re our top priority. That’s why we want to innovate by promoting the creation of events using ticket presale earnings to organize it. By this I mean, giving the public the opportunity to make decisions about location for the event, type of food and drinks, generate proposals, and many more. Let’s push it further.. What if there’s royalties from the profits of early bidders? Yes, I’m talking about going out and making profit from it. WAGMI or what? Our code is Open Source. Please follow this instructions: https://disco.foundation/test-instructions.pdf Hackathon video: https://disco.foundation/hackathon-video

Additional Information

https://disco.foundation https://board.disco.foundation You can find our Open Source project and 4 repos here: https://disco.foundation/test-instructions.pdf Also, you can found more info here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cpFNSDy_aWjWRVNPtIzCed4qbW3NvBcc?usp=sharing Our promo: https://disco.foundation/hackathon-video.mp4

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