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Solana validators adopt the v1.16 update

Solana validators adopt the v1.16 update

What you can expect in v1.16.

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Solana Permissioned Environments brings Solana tech to internal infrastructure

SPEs will allow enterprises and other institutions to build customizable Solana Virtual Machine environments.

Solana Pay Integrates with Shopify as New Payment Option to Transform Commerce

Millions of businesses and consumers now have easy access to decentralized payments on Solana.

Developer Educator Program: Cultivating the next generation of Solana builders

Learn how to conduct Solana workshops with the Solana Foundation Developer Relations team.

Case Study: GainForest brings transparency to climate preservation efforts using blockchain technology

GainForest’s Solana-powered “NFTrees” helps donors track the health of the forests they are supporting.

Case Study: Helium brings real-world 5G networks on Solana

Helium, a decentralized physical infrastructure network, migrated to Solana to take advantage of high throughput and low costs.

Case Study: Hivemapper decentralizes mapping with better real-time data and community incentives

Hivemapper takes advantage of Solana’s scalability to create a community-powered, incentive-driven map.

Network Performance Report: July 2023

A review of Solana's network performance, and upgrades being made to strengthen the network

Hyperledger Solang opens Solana to Ethereum’s Solidity developers

Ethereum devs get a new way to build on Solana.

Streamers, talent, and gamers are gearing up for PlayGG – will you join?

Get ready to play and battle at PlayGG with G2 Esports talent