Dual Finance

Dual Finance

Project Description

Description: Decentralized crypto structured product protocol with streaming liquidity for sustained yield generation. Designed atop a breakthrough token reward mechanism and capitally efficient collateral management system Dual Finance aims to be a base-layer incentization protocol for any crypto project. Problem: Decentralized Option Vaults (DOVs) are sloppily executed with high slippage and provide users limited choice. Current DeFi participation reward schemes are broken and easily exploitable. Solution: Streaming prices, choice of strike and maturity directly from the protocol allows greater flexibility and better risk management. Incentivizing participation via option rewards on DUAL tokens and building a base layer for option based protocol incentive structures. Testing: Beta app is live on Solana mainnet at dual.finance for proof of concept testing with limited maximum sizes. Staking Options on devnet. Rehypothecated Lending Pools and DUAL token launch to come!

Additional Information

Additional Repo Link: Please note submission #4 doesn't allow multiple repositories to be linked here is the one for Staking Options: https://github.com/brittcyr/staking-options DAPP: dual.finance Whitepaper: https://medium.com/@dualfinance/dual-finance-whitepaper-73f90f778c26 Staking Options: https://medium.com/@dualfinance/applications-of-staking-options-in-decentralized-finance-b588893fec92 Twitter: https://twitter.com/DualFinance Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dual.finance/

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