Payments tooling

Enable frictionless — and permissionless — payment rails.

Accept stablecoin payments and build new payment rails. Tooling in the Solana ecosystem makes it easy to enable frictionless, near-zero payments tied to web3 native experience

Lightning-fast cross border payments — with near-zero fees and no intermediaries.

See why next-generation payment rails are being built on Solana.

Permissionless. Borderless. Immediate.

The robust tools and infrastructure in the Solana network make accepting payments across borders instant. No wait time. No holding period. And they are simple to set up and use.

Easy ecommerce setup with Helio’s Solana Pay x Shopify

The Solana Pay app for Shopify, by Helio, enables ecommerce sites to accept stablecoins on Solana, making it easy for any online store to enable web3-native experiences.

Point of sales on Solana with Decaf

Accept stablecoins and enable web3 experiences in real life with a Solana-compatible point of sales system.

Links as wallets by Tiplink

Send NFTs, tokens, or other digital assets with a link, QR code, or NFC tap — even if they don't have a wallet.

Privacy support, with Token Extensions

Token extensions have native support for a host of business-friendly features.

Confidential transactions.

Stablecoin tooling.

Onchain metadata.

Permanent delegation.

Learn from Solana Developers

Beyond Payments

Frictionless payments serve as more than just transactions – they build relationships with customers and engender trust and loyalty. See how businesses everywhere leverage Solana payments tooling for deep consumer loyalty.

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