How to get Solana devnet SOL (including airdrops and faucets)

This is a collection of the different ways for developers to acquire SOL on Solana's testing networks, the Solana devnet and testnet.

1. Solana Airdrop #

Available on Devnet and Testnet

This is the base way of acquiring SOL, but it can be subject to rate limits when there is a high number of airdrops.

Here are three different ways of requesting airdrops with it:

Using the Solana CLI: #

solana airdrop 2

Using web3.js: #

const connection = new Connection("");

See more: requestAirdrop() documentation inside web3.js.

2. Web Faucet #

Available for Devnet

A web faucet hosted by Solana Foundation that has lower rate limits.

3. RPC Provider Faucets #

Available for Devnet

RPC Providers can opt in to distributing Devnet SOL via their Devnet Validators.

*If you are an RPC Provider and want to distribute SOL please get in touch here: Form

Currently Supported:

  1. Helius
  2. QuickNode

Using the Solana CLI #

Specify your Cluster to be your RPC provider's URL.

solana config set --url <your RPC url>

Then you can request an airdrop like you would in the first option in this guide.

solana airdrop 2

Using Web3.js #

const connection = new Connection("your RPC url");

4. Proof of work Faucet #

Available for Devnet

This is a proof of work Faucet where Devnet SOL can be distributed to you thanks to your computing power.

Install the Devnet POW Crate:

cargo install devnet-pow

Start mining devnet SOL

devnet-pow mine

⚠️ The POW Faucet is maintained by Ellipsis Labs

5. Discord Faucet #

The LamportDAO community has set up a Devnet Faucet Discord BOT.

You can join the LamportDAO Discord by clicking here.

After that, head to a channel made for BOT commands and run send this message:

/drop <address> <amount>