Solana Network Research and Reports

Solana is an open-source, community-run network. The Solana Foundation, As part of its mission dedicated to supporting the decentralization, security, and health of the network, regularly conducts and commissions research on the network, its impact, and usage.

Validator and Community Health

Explore the health of the overall Solana network, and the protocol's general health.


block-producing validators


Nakamoto Coeffiecient, as of Sept. 6, 2023


active core contributors


active validator clients

658 J

average energy use per transaction

8,785.8 tCO2e

annualized average carbon footpring


Solana ecosystem teams in climate tech


net carbon impact

Energy Impact

Dive into the Solana network's environmental footprint and steps being taken to mitigate impact.

Network Performance

Explore the overall health of the Solana network, as well as the status of network updates.


network uptime since March 2023


transactions per second in theoretical throughput


average voting and nonvoting transactions per day


average transaction fee on the Solana network

Additional Research

Reporting, data, and information from other researchers from both inside and outside the Solana ecosystem.

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