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Project Description

Introducing Parier, an equity prediction platform that allows for betting on the outcome of asset prices during non-trading hours. Prediction platforms are a testament to the high stakes appeal of gambling and a chance to win at the game of risk, a feeling all too familiar to the average trader. Although simply opening a position is risky enough, by creating a peer-to-peer interface where users bet on the outcome of their favorite equities we can create an additional boost of adrenaline for any trader willing to test their luck and expertise. Parier provides an easy-to-use interface for users to place bets on asset prices and win rewards in liquid tokens if the asset price opens within their bet range. We want this platform to be a seamless process for crypto users to bet on their trading skills, while also potentially hedging their overall market positions. Parier will allow for Solana (SOL) to be used as the utility token on the platform for placing bets and claiming rewards. By using SOL, this can introduce new strategies to incorporate into a trader's positions and increase/decrease market exposure. Testing instructions: The Demo video will provide a full walkthrough and explanation for how to inspect the codebase, as well as what you can expect from our devnet. Codebase is published here: You can pull the repo, navigate to the app directory, and run npm start to launch the client.

Additional Information

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