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Solana is trusted by leading enterprises, from Google Cloud offering infrastructure support to shoe brand ASICS reimagining the customer experience. Take advantage of Solana’s high throughput, low fees, and minimal environmental impact for your business’s specific needs.


daily active transactions

719 J

average energy use per transaction — less than a handful of internet searches.


per NFT, using state compression

Google Cloud
Boba Guys

Featured Tool: Solana Permissioned Environments (SPEs)

Build out a custom experience. Take advantage of the Solana protocol’s fast settlement time, affordable cost, and low environmental impact by configuring a private Solana Virtual Machine instance.

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Solana is the blockchain built for scalability — it regularly processes more transactions than most other blockchains combined, its low costs allow businesses to reach the masses without breaking the bank, and its composibility allows businesses to build holistic experiences using the latest innovative tech in the Solana ecosystem. And new upgrades on the horizon, such as token22 and private networks, are bringing more features large businesses want in a blockchain network.

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ASICS: Building loyalty programs onchain.

Google Cloud: Supporting Solana infrastructure

Solana Pay x Shopify: Permissionless USDC payments

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