Payments tooling

Enable frictionless — and permissionless — payment rails.

Accept stablecoin payments and build new payment rails. Tooling in the Solana ecosystem makes it easy to enable frictionless, near-zero payments tied to web3 native experiences.

A suite of tools built to power simple, scalable payments

Solana Pay

The permissionless payments framework allows anyone to accept stablecoin payments on Solana.

Easy ecommerce setup, with Solana Pay x Shopify

The Solana Pay app for Shopify enables ecommerce sites to accept stablecoins on Solana, making it easy for any online store to enable web3-native experiences.

Point of sales, by Decaf

Accept stablecoins and enable web3 experiences in real life with a Solana-compatible point of sales system.

Links as wallets, by Tiplink

Send NFTs, tokens, or other digital assets with a link, QR code, or NFC tap — even if they don't have a wallet.

Privacy support, with Token22

The new token standard Token22 has native support for a host of business-friendly features.

Confidential transactions.

Stablecoin tooling.

Onchain metadata.

Permanent delegation.

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