The Cappuccino Stablecoin is pegged to the price of a NY cappuccino.

Blockchain program is Cappuccino Machine. Fellow blockchain traveller you entered a coffeehouse in which you can deposit your SOL tokens into cup of coffee no vaults here. After depositing SOL you will be able to see it shining inside cup, in return you will be able to borrow CAPPUCINO STABLECOINS. Cappuccino STABLECOINS are pegged not to a price of any fiat currency but to a price of cappuccino in NY from Numbeo API. So this is trustless stablecoin which warranties you will be able to buy cappuccino coffee - a Proff of Coffee and Milk. You can borrow as much Cappuccino as much cappuccino coffees you could buy in New York minus collateral ratio. When you will keep your collateral ratio you will be able to give back your Cappuccino into a cup and take back your deposited SOL. So if price of SOL will go up you will be able to borrow more CAP tokens, or give them back to cup and receive deposited SOL. If the price of SOL would drop for some reasons so you deposit will be worth less then your CAP + c-ratio, you won't be able to take back deposited SOL. Program will take it, however you will still be able to enjoy your CAPPUCINO!

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