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Chainvote Wiki

Chainvote Wiki

Chainvote is a DeFi voting app for corporate governance.

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Chainvote's goal is to build an environment of trust, transparency and accountability on Solana’s fast, secure and censorship-resistant blockchain platform.

Using a Solana smart contract, the Corporate Secretary is able to publish an agenda with proposals to bring before the board and voting members. When publishing the proposal, the smart contract will send voting members the SOL voting token(s) to their wallet, notifying them of the impending vote.

Using the Chainvote app Voting, members can see the proposals and use SOL token to cast their vote ((1) SOL token = (1) vote).

INTERACTIVE: Corporate Governance app's front-end design interacts with Solona's fast, low-fee, scalable and censorship-resistant blockchain IMMUTABLE: Strong identity management, secure and private data management stored on-chain with a transparent, immutable audit trail INNOVATIVE: Replacing antiquated procedures, increasing participation, and significantly reducing costs

Mar 22, 2021
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