CoinDCX Ecosystem Fund

The CoinDCX ecosystem fund is supporting the next generation of Web3 developers in India interested in learning and building on the Solana Network.

Fund Announcement

CoinDCX, one of India's largest cryptocurrency exchanges and liquidity aggregators, launched a strategic ecosystem fund with the Solana Foundation. Up to $20M in capital is used for growing the Solana Ecosystem in India, as well as investing in projects building new Web3 products in multiple verticals, including DeFi, NFT marketplaces, infrastructure solutions, wallets, exchanges, and tooling.

The CoinDCX team will assist in technical guidance, along with management and support for product strategy and community building.

The quality of the team and the novelty of their idea will be the key metrics for assessing projects. Project teams may be distributed, but in order to qualify for the CoinDCX India Ecosystem Fund they must have a presence in India (headquarters, corporate structure, employee, or otherwise).

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