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The world's favorite party game meets Solana. Reimagine classic Mafia with real stakes games and exclusive NFT minting events.

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Cryptomafia is reimagining the world's favorite party game, Mafia, on blockchain by utilizing smart contracts to enable real-money wagered games and tournaments.

Invite and play with your friends, or test your deductive skills on our ranked ELO ladder to win individual table pots and massive tournament prize pools.

Participate in our exclusive NFT mint events to obtain avatars to trade and use in-game, and look forward to the release of our governance token $MAFIA to help decide the future of the Cryptomafia metaverse.

Cryptomafia is proud to announce that we've chosen Solana as our blockchain protocol to build out the next generation of competitive social deduction games. Utilizing Solana's "web-scale blockchain" for blazing fast throughput and state of the art fraud detection algorithms to prevent collusion, we are eager to invent the next class of chess and poker level strategic games with you.

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Aug 31, 2021
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